Future School Branding
In my master's thesis, I delved into the question of how branding can be utilized in the education sector to enhance learning experiences and promote the joy of learning. The campaign aims to convey the concept of an educational brand in a comprehensible and visually appealing manner to the target audience, presenting branding in a new context.
The developed visuals aspire to convey familiar elements from the realms of play and school in a fresh and playful manner. They skillfully set in motion abstract themes such as creativity, collaboration, play, and mentorship.
Through dynamic and harmonious interplays of simple toy elements and everyday school objects, they bring forth a sense of joy and lightness, not only visually connecting with the school theme but making these elements the characters of our scenes.
Animated playfully, these elements take center stage, infusing scenes with an extra dose of delight and ease, guiding the audience on a journey through our narrative.
Master Thesis at Hochschule Mannheim University
Design Future Society – Creative Leadership / Design Systems
Music by Jürgen Branz

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